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The prescription refill option for families makes this app an integral part of our daily lives. My son has a chronic health disease and is on a lot of different medications. The app makes it easy to reorder and set the pickup time for each prescription. You can choose multiple refills from the same page, see when refills expire, and look at other medications that have been prescribed in the past. I appreciate this last aspect because it can become hard to remember names of previous medications so it’s nice to have it all documented in one place. Each family member has their own tab, so once I log in I can easily reorder for myself and child if needed. I’m also a fan of Walgreens pharmacies because our local pharmacists know us well and do everything in their power to facilitate communication with our doctors and insurance when issues arise. My son spends summers with his dad in another state and Walgreens makes it very easy to send medications to other locations. I can refill everything from the app and have it delivered wherever there’s a Walgreens. Chronic illness is hard to manage - this app helps ease the medication refill process at home and away. Only request - It would further simplify and organize refills if all of his specialty medications could be ordered through here too. It seems like since the Walgreens specialty pharmacy is operated under the same name, that those meds would be listed in the app, but they’re not.

The staff are awesome. They help if a mistake was made. I had several issues awhile back and the manager shapira, corrected them for me. The store manager also helped out if the manager was not there and I would also give high praise to the pharmacy staff. About half or so know my family and I. So we get done quicker. If I need the meds right away, they would put a rush on them. I love the pharmacist manager. She talks to me about my condition and tests. And sometimes helps getting me my meds instead of someone else. The staff is helpful and friendly. It’s the only pharmacy we go to. High praises for the store and pharmacy staff. There is a staff member who left to go to the west side mason street Walgreens store. He was one of two employees I trusted with my meds and medical conditions. I also like to pick on him when I miss him. His name is John. He gave me permission to call him if I needed to talk to him or just pester him. He really lightens my day. One day, when he was still at east mason store, he just walked in the door to the pharmacy and I was in drive through. He seen me, we talked and he took over with my meds and made if I was ok. He would have gone back to work, but seen me and helped me. So John at the West side Mason Street store, is the best employee there and the pharmacy manager at east mason street store is the best employee there. Those two deserve a 100 stars for their work and kindness. Thank you!!! Jennifer Eicher

Simply put; the training of your employees sets the standard that Rite Aid & CVS should strive to obtain. Over the past years I first started with Rite Aid, it didn’t take me long before I discovered that training and phone training in mannerism are non existing at that establishment. Then I moved over to CVS. Wow, I thought about going back to Rite Aid. But I didn’t; I figured, let’s try Walgreen’s! And I did, and never looked back again. Oh, allow me too mention the Ma & Pa Pharmacy’s, every price there is higher, and even though the sole employee of these establishments come to know you on a first name basis they are extremely understaffed with the one pharmacist over worked which always gives me concern about mistaken. So, let’s talk about Walgreen’s. Yes all the Pharmacist know my first name when I enter! But, they always greet me with a MR. The floor employees all seem to be customer oriented and knowledgeable and polite. And they seem to be trained too listen more than they talk, I like that. The people behind the cash registers seem to be patient with me when I’m trying too figure out what form of payment I’m going too use. The bottom line, and I tell all my friends, whom most are seniors as myself - If your not using Walgreen’s, YOUR MISSING THE BOAT. The buck stops with upper management and I want to take this opportunity to thank them for hiring the quality of people that they do. Ralph Netta, Edison, New Jersey

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From Walgreen: Shopping. We'll now show you local inventory for your preferred store right on any search results. When you navigate to any product details, we'll also surface inventory up-front so there's one less step to access this info. Onboarding. New animated onboarding experience. You can now always see "what's new" in the app by tapping the "corner W" icon on the home screen. Photo. NEW. PrintBooks. Create a spiral-bound photo print book in seconds, with same day pickup, for just $6.99. We redesigned our photo pages to show how beautiful photo products truly are. Shopping. A better product reviews experience lets you quickly read and search among thousands of product reviews. You can now submit your own reviews for any product quickly and easily. We'll now indicate on a product's details view the last time you bought the product either online or in-store. Pill Reminder. We've taken steps to unify the design for Pill Reminder, simplifying the view for morning, afternoon, evening, and night time reminders. A brand new home screen widget makes it super fast to view and mark taken medications with just one tap. We've redesigned the history view to provide a better "week at a glance" view (you can still go back and forward in time by swiping on the week). New reminder sounds. You can now select from several custom Pill Reminder notification sounds, tailored to your specific needs (long and loud, short and soft, and so on). Questions. Comments. We want to hear them. http://bit. ly/1QhIUbv.


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