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Good. Of the limited choices for fast and accurate routing I thus far favor googlemaps over the native ios map app. Three frustrations though: video ads are coming, with no control; favorites disappear; Oon the latest upgrade i see the new “feature” is “you can see videos posted by businesses about their latest offerings.” OMG now here comes the bandwidth-sucking auto-play videos, though I haven’t seen them yet after the last upgrade. No control to be found in Settings-> Google Map menu. Will the audio track cut into my podcast or music stream while I’m navigating or browsing the map? Let us search and navigate in peace!!! If videos autoplay or don’t have a default “still frame” mode with click-to-load by default, I'll look at moving my favorites someplace else. google maps alone already is among my top users of my data plan, and one of the few apps that i allow to use cell data BW because i have to allow it that.Another puzzle: favorites seem to randomly disappear off the map. I often focus the map on a wide view to find my favorite by location, the star is missing from the map.Lastly, as other reviewers note, I often need to choose a nav path by dragging the route line, allowed on desktop but not on ios even with larger ipad screens. Add this feature so i can determine my route!!

Google maps has recently started telling me to “turn left after jack in the box” instead of giving me the actual relevant information of the street name I should be turning down. If I wanted directions from my aunt I would have asked her. Also the map always bugs out and can’t seem to figure out if I’ve stayed on the highway or if I’m magically driving on the road the highway crosses under. The gps takes a while to refigure out where I am and often gives incorrect directions while it’s figuring out which road I’m on, even though I’m clearly just following the directions and couldn’t possibly jump from the highway to the streets crossing above the overpass. This did not used to be a problem. Only in the newer versions. Maybe google should incorporate elevation so the gps app would know where I am is on the route that it’s giving me directions for and not suddenly some other road. Unfortunately, it’s still light years better than Apple maps so I always use it which only makes these problems more frustrating. Lastly, I hate that if I’m trying to zoom out using two fingers, the app for some unknown ultimately annoying reason ALWAYS zooms back in to the cars location on the map. Most annoying feature ever! If I’m zooming out it’s for a reason, to see the entire route. Please fix.

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From Golenfound Software: Google Maps with GPS Tracker shows your physical position in real-time on a moving Google Map. A small application on your PC uploads your GPS position periodically over either GPRS or 3G, which updates your position on a moving Google Map.


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  • Datei Größe: 641.69KB
  • Entwickler: Golenfound Software

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4,5 / 5 - 67 Stimmen


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