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This is the best streaming platform in my opinion because it provides you with so much content. There are shows, podcast, livestreams and a lot more exclusive content. The playlist have gotten pretty strong since YN joined tidal. They have a tidal rising section where you can also discover new music and new artists. Just like any other streaming service you can save music for offline if you want to conserve data or if you live in nyc when you lose connection in the subway. If your a real music head being able to access the credits is so fire. Streaming is the new wave of consumption of music. I don’t see why people wouldn’t want to use it. You have access to millions of songs and albums in one spot. One thing i wish they would add is the ability to see lyrics like apple music. Im surprised they haven’t done this yet being that we have access to the credits. One thing i think tidal should add is a genius collab. SOMEBODY GET ROB MARKMAN ON THE PHONE! It would be ? to have verified lyrics and break down of bars on some songs from the artist. Maybe the ability to comment in app would be dope. Build a community within tidal that we can discuss our thoughts on the albums/singles or even shows. Longest review i ever wrote. Hope tidal takes some ideas into consideration

I have really enjoyed the new interface. I hope they continue to make improvements like this. Just a couple things I would really like to see is better recommendations. It would be great to have some better radio stations outside of just an artist radio, which even the artist radio could use better selection of songs. If tidal could get to know me better and recommend based off my listening habits that would be awesome. I would really like to see them add current podcast that have been out there on other platforms. Just a small request to separate the moods and the genres in the explore section. I have to give credit they have made such great progress. I know Jay-Z is the big boss but it would be nice to see more of a diverse selection of music that is promoted. There is such a strong hip-hop influence it is kind of a turn off sometimes to 90% of the time I'm seeing rap and hip-hop artist on banner. I truly enjoy all kinds of music and for that I would like to see different kinds of artist promoted. It would be great if you could heavily increase the K-Pop music that is available. I do recommend the service for anyone though. I have been a user from the beginning and I'm glad I stuck around. Hi-Fi user here and it is the best sound out of all the other streaming services.

I've been a dedicated Apple Music user for years but I'm looking for a change so I created a trial account and so far I've been loving it! Most music streaming services are similar so there really isn't anything revolutionary about another streaming service, it's all about preference. Tidal is a great service that provides a great app, but I have three problems with the app and web browser that are making the service difficult to fully enjoy. I don't like that it's not possible to save specific tracks of an album as ONE album, instead they save as "tracks" as a seperate category. I'm a neat freak so I like oragnization and that method of seperateing between tracks and albums is inconvenient. There should be a page for albums (you can save any tracks you want from the album) and there should be a tracks page where ALL the songs in your library are shown and there should be the option to play ALL the tracks on shuffle, or in order, etc. I also don't like that there isn't an option to organize albums by artist AND release date. The first and problem is far more important to me than the second one. I hope Tidal would make this change, if they do, they'll have a subscriber for life.

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From Aspiro AB: Tidal is the worlds first music service with High Fidelity sound quality, High Definition music videos and Curated Editorial by music journalists, artists and experts, making for a simply superior experience. Try it out and see for yourself. High Fidelity Sound QualityNo compromises. Just pure sound. With our lossless audio experience, you can enjoy your music the way the artists intended. Unlimited access to over 25 million tracks. High Definition Music VideosWatch more than 75,000 music videos. No ads. No fuzzy images. Just crystal clear pictures. Curated EditorialFind your next favorite with expertly crafted recommendations, album presentations and playlists by experienced music journalists. Stories behind the musicRead our integrated music articles, features and interviews. Offline modeSave albums and playlists offline, and bring your music with you anywhere using our offline mode for up to three devices. Audio searchWonder whats that track playing on the radio? Never miss out again, get the answer instantly, using our Audio search. FavoritesBuild your personal music collection simply by marking albums, artists, tracks and playlists as your favorite.You can of course also create playlists, share with friends, listen to artist- or track-based radio, check out artist bios, find similar artists, edit your play queue and much moreContent rating: Everyone


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